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My ever so cute magician~

one thing I have to mention.
You know I love foods,
so you give me foods anytime anywhere always.....
and I eat everything you give me,
it`s so bad,
because I bacame very fat now.
So,please stop give me foods,
any food....

Thank you very much


LOL I saw this when I came back from Malaysia today
I wanted to see if Lu Chen made any responses after his post on his birthday
True enough, there is! =D
Well I'm not sure how to react to this response though
He typed this as a comment to the earlier post that I showed in the previous entry
Well apparently I think alot of fans have been giving him Potato Chips! HAHA
And since he cannot resist the temptation of Potato Chips

Omg nonono!!!
Dont grow fat!!! HAHAHAHA
He's so cute la!!
Eating every single thing that his fans give him LOL
Eat until he also grow fat already hahaha
I really feel like pinching his cheeks now omg T____T
LOL nvm its ok Lu Chen you grow until fat fat I will still want you!!!! =DDD

Hahaha sorry because I have been too deprived T__T
In Malaysia without my Koichi and Lu Chen for 3 days is HARDDDD
But well I was at Baidu forum again
I saw alot of people posting
Saying that in today's episode of this Magic Show in China

Lu Chen cried!

Sayang Sayang why you cry!! T_____T
I dont really know what happened
Because I live in Singapore and the video is not available yet
But still
Lu Chen I hope that he's fine now
I shall post the video up if I am able to watch it on youtube
I hope that he's not overworking himself now though
Haha maa maa~~

So sorry for this random post
I just wanted to share Lu Chen's comment
Thats all~~

Anyway I'm really troubled now
Over money issues
I really hate it when you help someone
And when you need their help they just ignore you
And I'm not even looking for a return of favour
I just want back what belonged to me in the 1st place

Even after letting you know that
I will get into serious trouble if you dont return me the money soon
Yet you still chose to ignore me
And avoid me
You didnt even bother to let me know
If you are having any difficulties returning me the money
Does it hurt to even just call me?
Do you think I will force you to return me the money?

You were the one that said its ok
You can return
Yet now, at the very last min,
You chose to leave me to die
Is that how a friend behaves?
I really am disappointed
Utterly disappointed

I was just talking to Yiting about how disappointed I felt
And how as you slowly grow up,
People start to grow uglier and uglier
Hurting people, deceiving people
Making use of people,
All the ugly aspects of life
Its time to start opening your filter again Yuanshan
I really wonder why is it that
When you treat someone with such sincerity,
With such kindness in the end you'll always be the one getting hurt

Not just now,
Even in the past,
It always happens,
And I think that its just because its that person
You know if its others they wouldnt be like that
But as you grow up
You realise that there are really many of such people

I really want to live honestly,
I really want to live without being defensive
But in such a society
I guess its just something that I have to do
Just like in Liar Game
The girl was so pure so innocent
She believed what everyone said,
She helped everyone if she could
But people just treat her like an idiot
And totally made full use of her

I dont want to be that kind of idiot
Least I hope I wont
So from now on,
To the people that might be affected by this kind of decision that I've made
All I can say is
"I'm sorry for being like this"

Luckily for Channel U
They are showing Lu Chen's magic
Even though I have already watched it,
Even though its repeated,
Even though its old,
Like I said before,
Lu Chen never fails to put a smile on my face
And he cheered me up
In more ways than one

Hence for that I'm gonna put up 2 of his videos that I watched on TV
And hopefully you will enjoy it as well =D
接下來就是见证奇迹的时刻!! ^^

PS: I love how he keeps running to the front and say 接下來就是见证奇迹的时刻 LOL
Too cute already! =DD

PS: This is amazing right? Even though it doesnt cheer me up to see him putting his own life in danger, but I still appreciate what he has done to make this possible =)

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