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One more album to add to my collection! ^^

Hey guys!!
Long time no see!!
Actually I wanted to upload more pictures from last Friday,
But Jenmey is always offline and she havent send me the photos!! >=((
Haha so you'll have to wait again lol

Anyways Friday went out with Yiting and Shaun to town
Met up with Yiting first to go Takashimaya's Kinokuniya LOL
When I went out of the house,
my phone started giving me problems
Such as unable to detect the stupid SIM card even though the phone is functioning properly
So sucky right
So when I reached the MRT station I actually used a public phone after like 5 years?? LOL
And I called Yiting to let her know that I left the house already

Just when I hung up her phone call,
Lucky Shaun call one time just nice my card ok LOL
Then after talking to him my phone cannot detect my SIM card again

So met up with Yiting and went to Kino
Seriously Kino is really like my favourite shopping place now LOL
All the amazing Jap Magazines with my KinKi Kids inside hehe
So Yiting finally bought her long awaited NeoGenesis magazine
With her dear dear Gazette as cover LOL
While I just bought the July Issue of Wink Up hehe
All just for the 6 pages of KinKi Kids LOL
My magazine cost like $16? LOL
Please dont kill me LOL

Anyway on another side note,
Today I received an email from the people whom I am buying the Magazine Cuts from
So happy hehe
They should be shipping out my 100+ pages of Magazines soon hehe
With posters and Magazine covers!

LOL alright after that Shaun havent reached yet so we went to HMV
And I found F Album!!! =DD
And bought it for $28 bucks hahaha
But there's no G Album inside though..so sad
Yiting says that she will help me buy it when she goes to Japan hah
There's the 39 Album at HMV as well, which costs like $101?????
I'm still comtemplating whether I should buy that,
Or buy the one from Music Junction for $52 bucks.
The reason is because the one that cost $101 will have the whole booklet inside
As well as other extra stuffs.
Well...Yiting YOROSHIKU NE~~~ =X

Anyway when I saw the Album I was very very happy LOLOL
Because this time they separated the lyrics with the photoshoots haha
So there are like 2 booklets inside LOL
Well..as usual my Koichi always gives the same same face HAHAHAHA



LOL duuno why I feel that this picture looks damm cute HAHAHAHA

Weee many many pictures ^^

I love this picture most hahaha
Somehow Koichi looks very nice in this picture even though his faces are all the same ~.~
I love Koichi's necklace too!! LOLOL

Anyway today while I was surfing KinKi Kids Live Journal community,
Someone updated that Tsuyoshi updated his Jweb (His online blog) on Friday
And this user called Fluffy has kindly translated the content for us.
The above translation is taken from HERE

How have you been doing?
I haven't really updated this,
I am sorry!
Everyday goes by
Just like that, doesn't it.
Even when we are apart
Or we are next to each other
The love
From me to all of you
Today too
So that you may feel it.
Thank you as always.
With all the love from my heart.

Reading this entry of his,
I cant deny that I totally agree with what he says.
I mean isnt it?
Whether we are working, or having holidays.
The days just passed by
And we to a certain extent also neglect our friends because of what we want/have to do.
Even last time when I was attached.
This paragraph totally hit the nail
Everyday spending time with him,
Neglecting what I need to do
And even if so, what we did together
Wasnt that productive as well.

Well I guess this just serves as a reminder for me
To tell myself that,
I shouldnt even for a second forget about my dearest friends
Friends that are/were/have been with me through the thick and thin
Even though we are not that close now
Even though we are very far apart now, in terms of location
Even though we might be leading on with our own lives now
I just want to say that I still love each and every one of you
And I will still look forward to the day
When I can meet you guys again.
For without you guys,
I will not be the person that I am today
Just for that,
I want to say Thank You, and Take care my friends
And whatever you may be going through now,
Face it bravely and do your best
And it will all soon be over =))

LOL such a simple message from him can stir up so many thoughts in my mind.
Haha well its always good to realize something inside you =DD

Yesterday while I was surfing the net for KinKi Kids,
I realised that many of the songs that I listened to,
Which means my favourites,
OMG and for some of the songs,
He composed the melody and wrote the lyrics!!

I totally didnt didnt I repeat DIDNT
Know that he was that good in what he does! LOL
I mean I know that some songs he wrote the melody and stuffs
But when I found the whole list of the songs that he composed
I literally got a great big SHOCK
Its one whole looooooong list
And the songs are really nice ok!
I'm not being biased or anything
Because I liked those songs wayyyy before I realised Koichi wrote them LOL
This somehow just brought me to another whole new level
When I listen to the songs now lol
Knowing that Koichi wrote them,
Just gives a totally different feeling.
And I cant help but just appreciate them so so much more!!!
Oh man I'm so glad that KinKi Kids came into my life LOL

Alright enough about KinKi Kids haha
Just yesterday night,
While I was roaming around Lu Chen's forum in Baidu,
I realised that Lu Chen actually does comment at people's entries!
And he will even chat with the people online
Even if its just for 5 minutes!
Hence I went to read all of the comments that he made,
And there was this entry which he wrote,
Saying that alot people has been asking him whether he smokes
And he said that he used to smoke, but not anymore.
Now he's a healthy person who doesnt smoke
And thanked everyone for their concern LOL

Reading that entry made me very very happy,
Because I really really hate it when people smoke.
Sorry to those people who smoke but yea..
People who know me know that I dont like it
And there was another entry on the forum which was titled
"Lu Chen, the smoking angel" ~.~
In chinese is "抽烟的天使"
And to that entry,
Lu Chen also commented, making a response saying
"I dont smoke"

Ok la I know its nothing much la
But it just makes me so happy to hear him say that not once,
But twice LOL~!
Life has been good to me nowadays LOLOL~~

Actually this was supposed to be a very short entry,
But I just realised that I discovered alot of things in one night!
Its so amazing!!
Ok I'm getting excited for no reason again LOLOL
And I want to talk about this show called Rookie also!!
But this entry is getting too long I'm just gonna blog about it another time LOLOL

Anyways since Lu Chen's birthday is coming,
I shall post more of his videos on my blog hehe
This trick that I wanna post up,
As usual is one of the amazing tricks that he did
I really wonder how he did all these.
But still, like what Lu Chen say,
Just enjoy the trick and dont think so much! Hehe
Hence, 接下來就是见证奇迹的时刻!!!

PS: Hahaha the last effect is damm damm amazing right!!
Even the 1st trick is enough to make your eyes boogle out! LOLOL
And my Lu Chen is still so so so cute!!! T_________T

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