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Random only~

Look at the freaking time now
I cant believe how time freaking flies.
All I remembered was me watching Lu Chen's videos.
And trying to learn this particular trick that he was teaching
And I just kept practicing
At the same time, I was chatting with Yiting as well,
However I stopped replying her because I was too engrossed with learning the trick.
After a while I saw her going offline,
And I thought that she got disconnected.

So I didnt really care...
After awhile more I went to look at the desktop and realised she's not back
Then this is when it happened.
I looked at the clock.
Since when time pass so fast?!?!
OMG no wonder I'm the only person online now ~.~
Cant believe how magic is slowly coming into my life now =D
I'm enjoying it ^^

On another side note,
Went to Tea Party with Yiting today.
The place was great! =D
It was very comfortable,
The food was great,
And we can stay there as long as we want LOL
Yiting brought her Laptop and we just look at Koichi and Gazette's photos
And watched Domoto Kyoudai
Laughed our asses off, (Koichi is seriously damm cute)
And saw some radiojacks haha

Shaun joined us for a short while in the evening
However he left because he need to meet another friend.
After that Yiting and I stayed all the way until 1130pm
In case you didnt know,
We reached the place at 3+ pm LOL
Amazing huh?
But the place not bad.. =DD
Looking forward to go there again hehe


My cute Koichi doing magic

Hmmm let me find your card

This is the card the you found right??
Let me just smile at the camera (LOVE THE ADAM'S APPLE OMGOMGOMG)

I just love it when I see magic tricks.
Well enjoyable and less scary ones though
Somehow it can really fill up this hole in my heart.
Its really nice to know that the 2 guys that I like so much
Knows magic and is quite good at them.
I guess the magic craze has really gone far huh?

Its time for me to work hard too.
Learning these tricks is not easy
But somehow it makes me feel occupied
And knowing that I'm doing the same thing as what Lu Chen and Koichi is doing
Makes me feel a little bit happier inside..
You guys may think that I'm nuts la..
But you might change your mind after I show you some tricks that I can do =D

For now Yuanshan,

PS: I'm glad that you asked me out. But I'm really sorry that I couldnt make it. I hope that there would be a next time when we can finally meet ya? I'm sorry T___T

Maybe one day I will be able to smile like this~~

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