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Recently this is the song that I have been listening to.
Weird because when I 1st heard the song
I totally didnt like it
Because I hated the opening
Its too jazzy for my own preference LOL
Until when I watched the KinKi Kids concert live, and they sang this song
I really really felt damm tempted to just skip this song away
But because I bought the DVD to watch, I told myself
I must listen and watch everything at least ONCE
And hence I had the chance to listen to this song
Mainly because there are chinese subtitles underneath it
And I read the lyrics while listening to the song
And the song just touched me so much
I fell in love with it immediately.
So now I shall put in the lyrics and translations
If can please at least just go through this song once alright?

The lyrics are taken from HERE

KinKi Kids - Snapshot

Sayonara wo shitta toki kara
Nanimo kawatteinai kono heya
Sou kantan ni
Seiri dekiru you na ai jyanai
From the time of good-bye,
This room has not changed at all
Yes, it's not that easy to organize it
It's not that kind of love

Hitorikiri ni
Nareta yasaki ni
BEDDO no shita kara
Dete kite shimau nante
Just when I became used to being alone
It came out from under the bed

And I dont know why

Kata wo yoseatteita
Ano hi no futari wa inai
Kokoro no FOCUS
KIMI ni awaseteitara
BURERU koto naku ai wa ima mo
Tsudzuiteita kana?
An out-of-focused snapshot
We were cuddling close
The us of that day no longer exist
If I put the focus of my heart on to you
Would our unblurred love, even now,
Have continued?

Ima yatto ki ga tsuita yo
Nantonaku dakedo "ai no imi"
Kamishimetara sukoshi nigai
Aji ga hirogatta
Finally now somehow or other
I kind of realize it, "the meaning of love"
When I bit it
A small bitter taste spread

Nasakenai yo...
KIMI ga BOKU e to
SAIN dashita no ni
Miotoshite ita nante
It's a shame...
Even though you had sent a sign to me
I overlooked it

And I dont know why

Naze, KIMI wa egao wo
Muri ni tsukuttari shita no?
Hitomi no FINDER
Nurashiteita KOTO ni mo
BOKU wa kidzukazu
Ita nante ...ne
HONTO ni BAKA dane
An out-of-focused snapshot
Why is it that your smile looks so forced?
Even finder of your eyes is wet
And I didn't even realized it ...yea?
I was really an idiot, wasn't I?

Tatta ichimai dake
Nokoru futari no shouko
Kioku no FILM
Seiri shitenai no ni
Kidzukeba KIMI no kanashisou na
Kao shika mitsukaranai
An out-of-focused snapshot
Only one picture remains
The proof of us together
The film of my memories
I didn't even organize it
When I realized it
All I could find was your sad face.

Sayonara wo shitta toki kara
Nanimo kawatteinai keredomo
Kitto ima nara PINBOKE jyanai
Shashin toreru yo....
From the time I knew of good-bye
Nothing has changed but,
For sure, if it's now I can take a picture
That's not out-of-focus....

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