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Thanks Yiting.
LoL wouldnt know what I would be doing now if you werent there haha
You're right I guess.
I should just leave it LOL
Maybe right now this post is being read by you, and you might be happy that what has happened happened.
Cant be bothered I guess..
Just feel sad that I wont be there for you anymore

Maybe I'm really too scheming like that you said
Maybe you really feel that I'm too perfect for you
Maybe you really cant stand me anymore
I guess its really time to walk away
What you said really hurt me a lot

Maybe I am really trying too hard.
Can you blame me if I want to give it my all when I'm into something?
To hear you saying such things to me,
It really makes me feel that I am just some shitty person
I guess that's life.

Ranting and ranting and ranting is all I does nowadays I guess
Being lashed at by the people you love
Cant do anything about it I guess..
Now is really the time for me to put my favorite song up LOL
Emo Emo only hahaha..

Lastly one last picture to cheer myself up lol

That was Domoto Tsuyoshi when he was very very young LOL
This picture never fails to put a smile on my face =D

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blogged @ Tuesday, June 2, 2009 2:07:00 AM

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