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Bon Voyage

Tomorrow will be the fateful day where Yiting will be flying to Japan
She will be able to catch her Gazette live~~ LOL
Soooooo jealous can! T____T

Haha but all in all
I know you are very busy now,
And I dont know if you will come and read this entry before you leave
I just want to say

Please take good care of yourself k?
All shopping and idol-ing stuffs aside
I want you to be careful and be more aware of your surroundings alright?
Especially when you are out in the night,
Or even in the afternoon when you walk about the streets of Harajuku
Afterall you'll be in a foreign country
Just take care and be back in one piece k?

And a few more pieces of Koichi also can ^^
Haha but yeaa you have roaming
So anything just call me k??
If you need help or anything
Just let me know alright?
Even though I know I might not be able to help but I will try my best to
And lastly,

I will miss you so much girl T_____T
Hontou ni chotto sabishikatandesu T____T

Love you girl,
Take care ^^

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blogged @ Saturday, July 18, 2009 11:14:00 PM

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