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Kagen no Tsuki

Here I am updating again~
There isnt anything much to update on~
Life has been pretty much the same

Recently I have started subbing videos,
Thanks to Bamboobranch, my fellow KinKi fan
Who introduced me this program
And taught me how to sub videos

And after trying it once,
I realised that it was so addictive! =D
I enjoyed the process of subbing,
Especially when I playback the video and see that my subtitles all fall in place nicely =D

Hence in this entry,
I'm gonna show you one of my works hehe
I subbed and translated this song
This is the 1st time I tried translating a song~
Its so mafan omg
Because of the kanji and I'm still not that proficient in Jap yet
I have to keep looking up the dictionary for translations LOL

This song is called Kagen no Tsuki,
Which means the Last Quarter of the Moon
I 1st heard this song at the end of last year,
When I finished my A levels
The 1st time I heard it I fell in love with it so bad~
That I wanted to share it with Bryan
But at that point of time when I shared it with him,
Without even listening to 1min of the song,
He said it was irritating and asked me to switch it off
Now that I come to think of it its a wonder why I didnt get angry
If right now someone else did this to me I wouldve given the person a fucking black face LOL

Oh ya this song is sung by Koichi,
Music composed by Koichi as well
The plot of the vid resembles that of Rurouni Kenshin,
But of course it isnt haha
But I'm sure Kochan will make such a good kenshin~ =X

Alright here's the vid ^^
Disclaimers: The copyright of this video will still belong to the company that produced this video.
This is solely for viewing purposes and entertainment purposes

PS: Once again thanks for those people who took time to watch this video =D
This song and PV never fails to touch my heart~
If possible I dont mind afew comments yea? ^^

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blogged @ Monday, July 13, 2009 9:32:00 PM

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