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Ouch Ouch Ouch T_____T

My back is sooo aching now
I dont even know when and how it happened
This afternoon it was still alright
I was still alright

I went out for dinner
And it was still alright
When I was forced to sit in the middle seat because there were 5 people in the car
I was still alright
When I got off the car
When I reached home

My lower back, or you can say my whole spine
Hurts SOOOOO much that
I cannot even sit down or stand up properly
Nope this is different from the usual
I didnt know that
Sneezing would caused impact on your spine until now
Because everytime I sneezed now
There will be this unbearable pain

Its so painful that if I were to be chased after by some rapist now
I would be soooo defenseless
That is how weak I am now
Please dont rape me upon reading this T___T

But ya you get the point
I cant even carry a basket of clothes into my room
I had to ask my sister to help me
I feel so crippled
I wonder what is wrong with me
People out there
Please appreciate the fact that
You are able to sneeze/sit inside the toilet bowl
Without having to control the pressure exerted on your body
I dont even think I can shit properly now if I have to cause it will be too painful

Tomorrow someone from MioTV will be at my house
To install the thing
I hope it wouldnt take too long
Because I think I really would want to make a trip down
To my dad's shop
And asked my uncle to see what he can do about my back
Its soooo painful that when I was folding clothes just now
I cant even move forward to take the clothes without screaming in pain

For the 1st time in my life
I couldnt relax while watching Koichi/KinKi concert
I couldnt just get high
I had to be aware of how I am sitting
Because at every single moment
Even right now as I am typing
The pain is there
One wrong move that's it PAIN

Sorry I know I am whining
I am not gonna deny that
In fact I feel so sianned that
I almost didn't feel like going for the outing with my friends on Tuesday
But of course I know in the end I will go
I just hope that by then my back would be ok
I wonder how am I gonna sleep today..

On a happy note, Yiting I'm sure right now
Is already in Singapore
Finally I miss her soooo much T____T
It really has been lonely without having someone to talk to in MSN
But I didnt dare msg her
In case she's still in Japan due to delayed flight ~.~
But I think after this I will msg her =))

Alright today once again went to since1997
And I saw a picture that made me scream T______T
Out of hotness and out of jealousy..
This is it~~


OMGOMGOMG Koichi I know that Ayakashi has a sex appeal theme,
And the lyrics seemed to be quite ero as well,
And even though I've seen fingers running through your face/neck/naked body

I cant believe after like 12 years since you debut
On your 30th year of your life
You decided to do something like that HAHAHA


OMGOMGOMG I feel like smacking your aho face HAHAHAHA
But well~~ doesnt matter haha
Even though I know deep inside I really really want to be the girl

Alright hopefully tonight I will have sweet dreams
Really really sweet dreams~ LOLOL

Ok shall go back to time my Kindaichi now~
Wanna give Bamboobranch a nice surprise when she gets back ^^
I know this post is super random, but who doesnt know that Yuanshan only lives in her own world

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