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First day of work

Today I started my 1st day of work at Sentosa~
I am working at the Merlion section,
At the souvenir shop
I am in charge of the booth for gift redemption

At the Merlion building when you tour,
You are actually given a coin,
And when you put the coin inside the machine,
There will be a card saying you win prize A,B or C
And A is a fan, B is a shot glass with a merlion printed on it (Looks quite cute)
And C is a torch light where when you shine you can see a picture of Sentosa printed (It's gorgeous)

So I am in charge of the booth giving presents to the guests and collect their ticket
And surprisingly, there are alot alot and I really mean ALOT of Japanese
Not like its a bad thing, I'm enjoying it! =D
And it's good cus I can keep communicating with them in Japanese
Ureshii desu~ hahaha
And I love serving the Japanese more than any other guests,
Just because they are so excited about everything,
Any present you give them they'll just appreciate it and be happy about it
Whereas there are others who are like 'eee this lousy fan' that kind of thing you know~
And I guess because they are like that, they have good Karma,
Because a lot of Japanese actually got like B and Cs, which are very nice presents HAHAH

And when there are no guests,
I just get so bored I started fantasizing ~.~
Fantasizing about what will happen if one day I just see Koichi coming here to redeem a present and he so unlucky got a fan and he die die want something else, I think I will give him lor!! out of my own paycheck HAHAHA
Okok time to wake up~~~
Maa cant help it since I am already like half awake now
I dont even know why am I even blogging

Maa anyways work is fine~
The people there are very nice,
And I totally enjoyed working there even though I am like so tired now,
I guess it's because I love giving,
And because I love giving I enjoy seeing the happy faces of the guests when they receive their free gifts,
Somehow it just gave me a sense of satisfaction~ haha

And at the end of work,
Because Delifrance was located just beside us,
Before I went home I was told to take whatever bread I like
Because they can't sell it anymore~
And weeee I went home with a big bag of Delifrance goodies~ heh~~

And I guess I wont be having time to scan my Ovation Look at Star magazine already~
And Lu Chen replied to that fan's comment about his ugly necklace also
It's so cute that I had to post it but I just can't find the time
And Mediafire is so screwed up that I cant upload anything
Bamboobranch time to start crying again T___T

And yeaa during my working hours I will have an hour break,
Which is actually for me to eat lunch,
But since I will eat before I start working,
When I am having my break I wont be feeling hungry so I will be using my laptop for one hour,
There is no internet connection,
But still, I guess that would give me some time/discipline to continue subbing videos~
Ahhhhh so many things to be done~~

I have to rush to submit an assignment by tonight also
Yuanshan you really shouldnt be here
Ahhhh I am soooooo dead tired,
But somehow I am loving it~ =D
I will continue to do my best
In work, in school, in life~
Just like how Koichi and Tsuyoshi are putting in their all in their work so that we as fans would be able to see their great performance

Before I go,
One last note

Dear Yiting,
I know I am not Uruha~
And I know that I might not be of much help,
And there's nothing much I can do also,
Other than chatting with you in MSN,
And reading your conversation with my half closed eyes
But still I am trying my best to give you all the attention that I can
Because I know that I just can't leave you like this

And I know I am not Uruha~
But still, I want to say
"Everything will be alright"
No matter how just know that I will always be here ok?
Sometimes I might not be able to respond immediately,
But I will do it asap~
For now girl, I know you are trying hard to stay strong,
And if the time comes when you are weak,
Please remember that I am here

-Love Yuanshan-

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