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My ordinary yet special 19th birthday~ ^^

With that Miss Sarah Lee Yuan Shan has officially turned 19 T___T
Hahahaha ok la actually somehow I'm not that sad about turning 19 haha
In fact I am actually looking forward to the years ahead of me hehe
Not knowing what may come
Not knowing who I'll meet,
But I know that no matter how I'll be able to enjoy and make the best out of everything~ ^^

My birthday celebration started on Saturday~
Friday night Evelyn sms-ed me and asked me if I'm going to church on Saturday
And I told her that I'm not sure because I might be going to the IT Fair to get a Laptop
But she say because the cell group want to celebrate my birthday
So upon hearing that I'm like "Ohh in that case then I think I'll at least go for cell group and then leave for the IT fair after that"
I know you guys must be thinking "This girl ahh~ people want celebrate birthday for her then she want to go church"

Haha because I understand the feeling of wanting to do something for someone and in the end the person didn't show up
Just like how last year the cell group wanted to celebrate Bryan's birthday for him,
And I even specially went to buy a cake and stuff,
And then all he bothered to do is to sleep at home
I mean even though we didn't tell him that we are celebrating his birthday
But we did tell him that he must definitely come
But still he just can't be bothered
So I don't want to let the effort that others has put in for me go to waste
So yeaa ^^

And then I went for cell group
In the end my dad ask me to just buy the Laptop from courts instead,
And dont need to go for the IT fair already
So in the end I stayed in church all the way
And after service,
We went to eat dinner together
We reached before Andrew(Our cell group leader)
And since he has already reserved seats so we went to sit 1st
Then suddenly I heard Mark saying 'Eh Andrew come already'
Then I ask where??
Then they say behind
So I turned behind but I couldnt see anyone~
(I think also because the billboard is blocking me)
So I lazy see already I just wait~ LOL

Then suddenly everyone started singing
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..." (You know the rest)
And I was damm shock
From behind me was Andrew holding a brithday cake LOLOL!!
And when I say everyone, I really mean EVERYONE
Because almost the whole restaurant was filled with church people
And all of them started singing the birthday song for me!
SO TOUCHED!! T_____________T

I was seriously happy LOL
Because its not like I always get such birthday treatment LOL
Then stupid Mark was like "You act one right~ act happy act surprised" HAHA
Smack him LOL
And I was told to make a wish and after making a wish I blew out the candles
And Yikai say I sure make a wish about KinKi Kids one LOL
Of course I made a wish that this cell group will grow and stay happy always~
Why will I be so selfish towards the dear cell group who treat me so well T__T

And then Yan Jie Jie say "You want your present now??"
And of course I say want!! HAHAHA
And she look out a HMV plastic bag!!
I see the plastic bag I happy already HAHAHA
Also havent see what's inside LOL!!
So I opened it and this is what I saw


And while I was so busy ogling at the DVD cover trying to open it,
My cousin said that there's something else inside~
And when I looked inside,
There's an envelope


And inside the envelope was this:


After giving me a DVD that cost like $70, you topped it up with another $20 HMV gift voucher!!
AHHHHH I really love you guys!!! T____T
And at this point of time Mark again was like "eh give me buy something la~"
Hahaha then I say "Ok lor what you want buy?" haha
Then he say "no la joking only~" hahaha
Then I said "Actually I think I already know what I wan to buy with this"
And everyone just started laughing T_____T HAHAHA

And after eating our dinner,
We took out my birthday cake and for the 1st time in my life,
I cut a whole birthday cake HAHAHA!!
I cut the cake into 8 pieces, but because my skills suck,
So Luke helped to give out the cakes hehe
Thanks ahh Luke~ =X

And the cake was damm delicious~ T___T
At 1st when I saw the cake I was like
"Waaa sian, why fruits~" (Cus the top layer had like 8 strawberries and I dont like strawberries!!!)
To be precise I dont like fruit cakes la~ hahaha
But after giving my strawberry to Luke,
I started eating the cake and OMG ITS CHEESECAKE~~~
T____T It tastes heavenly~~ LOL
And they told me that Evelyn was the one that bought the cake~ lol
Too bad she wasnt able to stay back and celebrate together with us T___T
But still thanks Evelyn for the lovely cake!! ^^

Ok so now let me show you the beautiful 1/2 DVD scans~ MUHAHAHA


The beautiful beautiful cover~~
You can never imagine how many times I stood in front of that HMV shelf and held this DVD in my arms and kept staring at it and yet I just can't afford to buy it yet


Many many Koichi in different costumes~


The casts of the concert~


The song list~
I tell you if you look closely,
You can see that the 3rd song is Where is Tomorrow?
And this song ROCKS TO THE MAX!
The dance is great the music is great everything is great!
When I have the time I am so uploading this video and share it with everyone!


The DVD~
It's damm chio la~
Except that the scanner always doesnt do discs justice
It's supposed to be like a mirror, at the parts where it's orange LOL

Ok with that ends my Saturday birthday celebration~
And I went home and started watching 1/2 concert hehe
Sorry la I just cant wait LOL
And my baby sis also came in and say "Koichi wear pink colour leh!!"
Cus one of the costumes is pink in colour LOL
And my 2nd sister came in and started watching with me
As I showed her the dance for So Young Blues and Where is Tomorrow?
And she also agreed that the dance is nice =DD

And suddenly I realized she kept looking at her watch
I thought she wants to make sure she still have time to study for her exam
But she kept looking at it at 1 second interval ~.~
So I was like "What you doing?"
And she ignored me ~.~
Suddenly she said "3, 2, 1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"
HAHA my dear kuku sister LOL
But still~ Thanks ^^ =D

And then while I was watching the concert halfway~
Bamboobranch came and talk to me
And wished me happy birthday and gave me a link to her blog entry
So I clicked it and this is what I saw:


When I saw this I was already like "waaaaaa" LOL
Cus the presents looked so cute~
And her message awwwww
So I clicked Present no. 1


She subbed a video of Koichi attending Music Fighter for me!!
And now that I've watched it I am really really really thankful for it
Because Koichi is damm damm cute!!
And in that episode his tension is sooo freaking high
And the things he say is just damm freaking funny LOLOL!
He can talk about the mysteries of life haha
Let me give you an example~
(This thing that he was talking about was actually what has been bothering me since Secondary school as well, ever since I studied about the spectrum rays of light LOL, which is why I was so freaking shocked when he talked about it LOL)

He says points to a blue piece of paper,
And tells asks the host "what colour is this?"
And the hosts say "Blue"
And he says that the reason why that piece of paper is blue is because light is shining on that piece of paper,
And because all the rays of light is absorbed and only the colour blue is being reflected into our eyes,
Which is why we see the paper as blue color
Which is true, and hence Koichi started looking at that piece of blue paper and started shouting "SO ACTUALLY WHAT IS YOUR REAL COLOR?!?!"

HAHAHAHA!! Damm spastic la~ LOLOL
But it's damm freaking cute HAHAHA!!
But well I have been pondering over that question on and off for years as well
But somehow I just managed to convince myself that their real color is blue which is why it reflects only the blue ray when light is shinning on it~ haha

Ok on to the next present,
The next present that I saw is this:


Subbed video of Ayakashi Making!!!
I totally love this making la~~~
Because it shows alot of Koichi dancing
And I can slowly learn the dance steps
And also there's a baka Koichi inside LOL
There was this part where he was supposed to dance but after like 2 beats of 8 he forgot the steps and he just jumped around in the center like an idiot =DDD

Thanks Bamboobranch!!
Eh wait~ that's only what's containing in Present 1 LOL
So I went to click Present 2 and this was inside:


Hahaha yupp yupp as you can see
Even though I said that I will be using that Koichi wallpaper for a loong loong time,
But within one day I changed it already LOL!!
See Bamboobranch you took over Koichi leh~ HAHA
Happy anot~ LOLOL
And she drew that herself you know~
So pro right!
And she knows that I love that photoshoot of Koichi~
(As you can tell from my blog layout)
She specially did it for me~ LOL
And even gave me my favorite Ossan Koichi at the last picture haha
And even added a PAN chan in the window~ hehe

And she even created the picture that fits my desktop screen nicely~ LOL
No wonder the other day she asked what's the resolution of my computer screen haha
Thanks girl!! I love you omgomg *hugs*

And in case you guys were thinking,
The Kochan wallpaper is the wallpaper for my laptop now~
So I can show the whole lecture hall how kakkoii my kochan is~ ^^

Haha and with that I totally stopped watching Koichi's concert HAHA
Yupp I didnt manage to finish it LOL
I was just busy downloading stuffs and watching it~ hahaha!
And then just before I sleep I decided to check my friends post again~
And I saw that there were updates so I went to read and I got a shock!!

This was gally04's post

OMG I totally got a shock when I finish reading her post~ LOL
Thanks thanks thanks!!! T____T

And followed after this post was Vanilla7's post
And again LOLOL:


She specially wrote an entry just to wish me happy birthday~
Awwwww T_____T
Seriously this is the 1st time in my whole life anyone has ever done this~
Which is why it is such a big deal to me T___T

And the next day when I was using the computer
Rurun did the same thing too~


And so did 244_luv_51:


And Relockz wished me by giving me an Livejournal message too~
Ahhh I seriously love you guys omg~
And dear Rie wished me twice~ ^^
And of course there are many many other livejournal friends who wished me too~

Peachie_cyo/Kristy/Selena244/Nekoodd/Makkun/Sapheer/Miochan/Fenlings/Kochan addict/Motoko/Kotsufan/Neivaxx/Kireira

When reading the comments that you guys gave me,
I was actually sitting inside the lecture room,
And I know that everyone will think that I'm weird if I kept grinning to myself,
But I don't care
Because I am really really happy ^^
And I don't want to suppress that feeling =D

Even though I don't know some of you,
Or haven't really seen you guys commenting before,
I am really happy to receive wishes from everyone! ^^
Like I said in my livejournal post~
The best decision I have ever made this year is deciding to join DomotoKyoudai Community~ ^^

And so on my birthday I literally just stayed at home,
Looked out of the window and this is what I see


It's dark, cloudy, and rainy
And I'm loving it! =D
There is other weather that can get better than this =D
What more can I ask for, a cooling weather on my birthday~ =D
And I love rain the most especially when I'm in the comfort of my own room ^^
Of course I hate being in the rain when I'm stranded outside


You cant really tell but the wind was really strong
And the trees were shaking violently
It has been a long time since I last opened the windows of my room~

And I was updating my birthday post in the community,
With my spam of scans and downloads,
So that everyone can share my joy~ =DD

And in the evening I went to eat Crystal Jade with my family, as well as my Aunt and Grandma
I received a total of $48, and thanks a lot!
You have no idea, this $48 has made my life alot alot alot better!!
For once in 1827893279847235 months my bank account finally have more than $20 HAHA

And after dinner we went to westmall and buy my LAPTOP!!!!!
Woooo I tell you the story of this laptop ok
It's sooo amazing LOLOL
Initially when I saw the offer at Courts,
It's selling this model of Compaq at $999,
With 2.1Ghz processor, 2GB Ram and 320GB HDD
And I wanted to buy that one,
And the person also say that this model only left a few since it's on sale
So I went to tell my dad that I might want to buy this,

Being the smart dad, he asked me to go check it out at Harvey Norman,
The same model and compare the prices
So I went to check with Harvey Norman,
And they are also selling the same model at $999 same specs
So I asked the person "Erm may I know what other offer can you give me? Since Courts is giving the same offer selling at the same price"
And the person say "Why not I upgrade for you for free, with 4GB Ram and 500GB HDD, but the processor instead of 2.1Ghz it would be 2.0Ghz."
And for that same laptop it's selling at $999 too!!

So of course I buy from Harvey Norman! =D
And this is how my laptop looks like
It's damm damm pretty I tell you
And it comes in a lovely shade of BLACK HAHAHA
(Ok la there are no different shades of black I'm sorry T__T)
Well maybe it has according to Koichi's theory of colors HAHAHA


My shiny black laptop
OMG la I totally love this~
I am soooo lucky! I totally didn't expect this cheap laptop would be so beautifully black and glossy~


Even the screen is glossy too~~ ahhh
I must be in heaven~~


And even the touch pad is glossy!!!
Ahhhh I know some of you guys must be thinking the other kind is better
But I dont care because those kind are much too sensitive already
Any slight movement will make the cursor fly LOL
With this I am very much in control~ MUHAHAHAHA

And even though this is not given to me on my birthday~
And I already have it for almost a month,
But this was my Dad's early birthday present hehe


Woooo the complete collection of Lu Chen's DVDs!!! =DDD
Yuanshan is a very very happy girl ^^
Thanks Daddy, I think this month I really made you spend alot of money T__T
In return I will on the air con lesser k~~ T___T
Right now I really am not on-ing any air con and its DAMM HOT ARGH!! Gonna go bathe later T___T

And also thanks to these people:

Joshua:LOL cant believe you actually remembered my birthday~ HAHA!
Jenmey: LOL you are the 2nd to sms me~ haha thanks! =D Love you girl~
Zhiyu: After so many years you still remembered..thanks! =D
Perry: You too~ for wishing me in MSN
Wanting: Haha I also cant believe you remembered LOL
Hazel: Thanks for bothering to sms me ^^
Andrea: And you!!! I miss you!! Hahaha meet up soon k? Hope school's not too tough T__T
Huizhen: Hahaha I was so surprised when I receive your sms too~ Thanks girl! =D
Siewming: Every single year you never fail to wish me..Love you girl!! ^^
Jiayan: Thanks for smsing me again! ^^
Louis: Hahaha my SIM fellow KinKi Kids fan~ thanks for wishing me too~ Even though I actually told you it was my birthday~ hehe

And for those who wished me in facebook:

Richard/Felicia(She wished me in msn and in my blog too~)/Davis/Joshua Lin/Chu Hong/Jian De/Xiao Qing/Eunice/Clarence/Xiaowei/Yantong/Isaac/Janice(She called me Mrs KinKi AHHHH URESHII~~)/Huang Rong

Hahaha thanks for wishing me even though I don't even talk to you guys like more than 5 times in like a year, but still, thanks for bothering to wish me~ T___T

UPDATE: Ahhh~ How can I forget, and thanks to Emaine for wishing me!
And for being such a loyal reader of my blog~ ^^
And for coming here to see Koichi ahhh~
That really makes me very happy ^^

And of course lastly.....






She actually had to endure the whole torture of waiting for like 24 hours
Just so that she can be the last to wish me LOL
She knows that she confirm cannot be the 1st
So she wants to be the last LOL
And had to endure until 11.57 and she gave up and wished me
And she kept praying that by then no one will sms me
And no one did!
So yay~~ girl you were the last to wish me ^^
Thanks for wanting to make it special =DD
And because of that I gave you a special column also ^^
I didnt put your name in a different color ahhh~ hehe

And thank God for this year's birthday,
Nothing bad has happened
It was filled with love and happiness hahaha
And Lu Chen updated his blog on my birthday too!! =DD
But I'm not gonna paste the contents inside
Because he just copy pasted some fan's comment about his ugly necklace ~.~

But still,
For once in my birthday~
I didnt quarrel with any friend,
My crush didn't break my heart (Not like I have any now)
And I didnt break up with any boyfriend
And I didnt fail any exam haha
So for that I am very thankful ^^

And also for the 1st time I have friends wishing me Happy Birthday from all over the world~
This is indeed something special for me to remember ^^

Ok this is a very very long entry~ LOL
I shall end here~
And tomorrow if I'm free I shall scan in the magazines that I bought today haha
Minna Hontou ni Arigto Gozaimasu~~^^
(Everyone, really thank you very much!)

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