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Results are out~

Uwaa received an SMS from Bunka Language School just now
The contents are as below:

Sms from Bunka. Ele 2 results
Oral 10/10 passed
Written 82/100 passed.
Please check schedules @ our website
Pls do not call or sms this number
Thk u.

Well when I read this sms I had mixed feelings
First was 'ok la, at least I passed lor can move on'
Second was 'wtf? I dont even have a 90+ now T___T'
I guess Japanese is getting harder ehs~ T___T

Maa I wonder how Yiting did~ haha
Hope she managed to pass too~ haha
Who knows maybe she score higher than me hahaha~

I have afternoon class later~ LOL
I'm kind of liking it haha
Don't have to wake up early
And who knows I might not be as tired during class later~

On another side note,
I finished watching PS Genki Desu Shunpei yesterday
PS is a drama that Koichi starred in
And well the drama is nice,
And Koichi is so sweet~
Yet at the same time
I hated the parts when there was betrayal
And when there were misunderstandings
I guess that's what romance shows are about ehs~

It's kind of tiring though to be watching this kind of shows
I guess I still prefer watching light-hearted shows like Rookie
Or even Kindaichi
Ok that's not very light hearted but at least there's none of those crap that I talked about just now
And Koichi kissed alot in the drama T___T
And I saw him naked in bed like 2-3 times with another female~
Next time shall photoshop my face inside LOLOL
Ok time to wake up~~

Oh yea the rest of the concert has been uploaded already,
And I will be doing my review soon~
And the mp3 for Sunday's concert has been uploaded too!!
These fans rocks man~
I just finished listening to Saturday's concert and they have already uploaded Sunday's concert~ hahaha
Somehow it makes me feel that even though I can't make it to the concert at least I still can listen to the live =DD

Let's just pray that they will make a DVD haha
Cmon Kochan give me a chance to spend more money on YOU! hahaha
Ok I shall end here~
After class going to town with Yiting to buy B=Pass hehe
Both Tsuyoshi and Koichi will be inside the issue
I hope there are nice pictures for me to scan~
It's been a long while since I last scanned pictures haha

And I am still missing Lu Chen, please come back soon~ T___T

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blogged @ Monday, August 17, 2009 11:09:00 AM

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