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Yay finally bought my B=Pass September issue~ ^^

Today school starts from 3.30pm to 6.30pm LOL
My classmate Lina said that she still preferred morning classes
As time will pass faster LOL
But for me I kind of preferred afternoon classes though,
Since I will be less likely to fall asleep HAHA
But nevertheless she is right! Dammit LOL
Time really pass DAMM DAMM SLOW~~
Hahaha ok la not that slow la I was just exaggerating lol
But I like this lecturer, and the lesson was enjoyable as well lol

Before I go for lesson I wanted to leave house early to deposit money
And transfer Jen what I owe her
And to get printer ink too,
But just when I finished my lunch,
Baka called me
Like after sooooooooooooo long he suddenly gave me a call again
And we chatted lor~~
I missed chatting with him also haha
And hence by the time we hang up and when I finished bathing,
I ended up leaving the house at 2.30
And I was thinking "Should I still go JP? Will I be late for class?"
Thinking that since I usually leave house one hour before the actual lesson time,
I decided that I shouldn't go JP since I always ended up arriving just in time for lesson
Even though I left the house one hour before the lesson time

So I traveled straight to SIM
And guess what?
By the time I reached Clementi it was only freaking 2.45pm!!!
And by the time I reached SIM it was only 3pm la
So stupid
I should've just gone to JP LOL
Paiseh ah Jen..tomorrow then I deposit the money to you~
So I ended up buying a cup of chrysanthemum tea and sat there for 30mins waiting for lesson to start T___T
But halfway Amanda saw me and came to sit with me and chatted abit hehe

After lesson I met up with Yiting and went to Taka to get my B=Pass issue ^^
Because this issue features both Tsuyoshi and of course my beloved Kochan~~
Hahaha and Yiting want me to buy and show her her Gazette page 1st before she decides if she's gonna buy it LOL
And so I bought it
And I was lucky!! Because I only planned to spend like $15 on B=Pass
But end up the price of it was $18.10 LOL
So I was worried that I might overspend and not have enough for dinner since I wanna eat PepperLunch
But when I went to pay, after giving the discount card,
The book was priced at $14.60!!!!
Walau you tell me lucky anot!! LOL

And I was like "Eh Yiting, how much they discount sia???"
LOL cus the card should only give 10% discount haha
Then we saw the board over at the side which says 20% discount to all members until 31st August
And so after buying we scurried to the Japanese magazine corner and started tearing out the plastic of the magazine
And showed Yiting her Gazette page, which she in the end decided not to buy
And because she was looking at Alice Nine and Nightmare,
I didn't get to see my Tsuyo or Kochan at all T____T
So finally I said "Ok my turn!!"
And I flipped and found Tsuyo's concert report, but still couldn't find Kochan
And I flipped flipped and finally it reached Kochan's page
And the picture was so nice that I let out a really really loud *gasp* followed with an 'AHH!' in the middle of Kinokuniya ~.~
I really need to control my reactions man~~ LOL

After that we (or rather only I) skipped happily to PepperLunch HAHA
And I bought the Salmon dunno what rice LOL
The one that costs $9.90 hahaha
Its because I have ate PepperLunch twice and never once thought that it was nice
But this time when I ordered the Salmon dish,
Waaaa it's damm nice!!
And I actually finished the whole thing LOL
(Last time I always and definitely will have leftovers LOL)
And after dinner we went home
And here I am blogging ~.~

Oh ya something stupid to talk about
While I was scanning the magazine in my room just now,
My sister was watching D-Gray Man
And there's this character called Kanda
And she's so in love with him, saying that he resembles Kuchiki Byakuya in Bleach a lot
And being the Baka that I always am,
What was running in my brain when I heard that was
"Huh? Wa this girl so stupid name also say wrong, it's not Kuchiki Byakuya la"
And so I attempted to correct her
And before I know it, the following came out from my mouth
"Huh? Wrong la~ Is Koichi Byakuya la!! Eh? Koichi? Wa shit I cant believe I just said that!"
And walau its true
I cannot believe the rubbish that I just blurted out LOLOLOL
And both of us cannot stop laughing HAHAHA
And my sister kept saying that I'm obsessed HAHAHA
I guess I am~~~
I need need help

Haha ok enough nonsense..
Pictures time! =DD


The beautiful concert venue~


Tsuyo performing~~


While I was scanning this page, I was complaining to my sister that Tsuyoshi's article is always soooo long and so broad, that its so hard for me to scan!
And I say Koichi one also not so cham, or am I just biased? LOL
And my sister said that I am biased LOLOL
But the reason why I said that is only because I never have much problems scanning Koichi's articles, I usually can get it done in 1 scan
Whereas for Tsuyoshi's I usually have to scan like twice~


The advertisement for Bigaku~


The beautiful picture that made me exclaim in delight in the middle of Kino~


With reference to what I said above about scanning Tsuyoshi's article,
It took me 3 FREAKING SCANS to be able to scan this in properly LOL
Kochan must be angry at me for saying Tsuyo's article is hard to scan T___T
Gomen gomen Kochan T___T LOL

Hahaha alright that's all~ hehe
On another side note,
I wanted to write about this on Sat but I forgot haha

Saturday I was supposed to go for Japanese exam,
And my dear Andy gor called me and offered to drive me there
And cus when he asked I was sleeping so I just said ok
And in the end he really came to my house to fetch me!
And he rush down from Changi Airport somemore you know!
That is like so sweet la~ T___T
And besides after dropping me off he'll just go LOL
So he's really literally being my chauffeur LOL
So sweet la~~ T__T

And during the journey I asked him why he suddenly so random
Just come and drive me to school
And he said that "I told you already what, when I get my license I will at least drive you once"
Upon hearing that I was so touched,
Mainly because I myself don't even remember that he once said that,
And he actually bothered to keep that promise
No wonder he's my dear Andy gor haha =DD
Inside the car he also suddenly said something
"Time flies huh? Last time we were still in uniforms, and now I am already driving a car"

Yeaa..that is so true~
Time really flies
In an instant I have already graduated from Secondary school, Junior College and am already studying in University now
But what makes me really happy is that
Throughout these times,
Andy has always bothered to keep in contact with me
And calling me up occasionally for no reason at all,
Just because he miss me and wants to chat with me
And if I ever called him and he's too busy to chat,
He will say "I call you back later"
And no matter how late it might get, he still definitely call me back
I guess it's also because he already knows that I won't be sleeping so early =D
I totally don't mind at all when he randomly calls me and ask me to help him check movie timings too,
Because after all I'm the only person that he knows of,
That will always be in front of the computer hehe
I'm not sure if I'm proud of that HAHA!!

But still I just want to say
Thanks Andy~~
Whether you are reading this or not,
I just want to let everyone know what a good gor you are,
And how much I appreciate you ^^

PS: Just now Baka called me again lol
Saying that he wants to meet me up on Friday~ haha
Well it hasn't been confirmed yet, but still it's nice to know that he still remembers that we agreed to meet up at least once before he goes in to army ^^

It's nice to know that people around you still care about you doesn't it? =)

And just because I feel like it,


Koichi's ending pose in Endless SHOCK's 夜の海 (Yoru no Umi)
This is one of the magazine cuts that I got,
And this is just too beautiful to not share it =)

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