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Kaze ga hikimashita~

Ahhh had work today
Went out of the house feeling fine
When I reached my workplace I started sneezing non-stop
And yes I caught a flu
And suffered for 8 hours until end of work
Actually my boss asked me to go home early to rest

I am very tempted to accept that offer
But Yiting msged me that the bill for KinKi YOU DVD and Ayakashi's singles has arrived
And in order to help Yiting use her voucher to get her single for free,
I helped to chip in an order for Ame no Melody single also
(Actually she should treat me that single right! Since I so nice!! >=( Jkjk~)
So thinking of all the bills that is piling up waiting for me to clear
I decided to stay just to earn that $52 bucks
Which is not even enough to repay half of that debt T____T

Ahhhh it's over now
My report submission is overdue
Lucikly it's within our group only,
It's not the official submission deadline
If not I'll really be dead
No energy~~
On the bright side,

Had PepperLunch for dinner with my family today
My dad actually likes it =DD
And I was joking saying we shall come here and eat again next week,
And he actually say "Can, this is affordable, I dont mind"
With much luck I might be eating PepperLunch for dinner next Sunday too~
Bought my laptop case also
A bit too late though,
My laptop already have scratches when I kept it inside my bag when I didnt have a cover
OMG poor laptop T___T
But yay~ I finally got it
And dad paid for it hehe
He paid for my laminating pouches too~

And ahhhh I need someone to scan WinkUp October issue~
So that I will decide whether I want to buy the issue or not~
It's so frustrating cus I die die will be buying Potato~
But Wink Up seems like a must to buy also~
But I can't spend so much~
So I really hope that at some other community someone will just scan the Oct issue of WinkUp
Sucks when you don't have that much money with you
Hopefully my pay will come soon~
And many problems will be solved lol

Finally I can laminate my dear KinKi Kids magazine pages
That is if I can actually find the time to do it la~
Ok I'm going to bathe and I will be sleeping soon
I really need rest..

Dreamt of Kochan last night
But I dont remember what and how
Recently I know I kept dreaming of Kochan and Lu Chen
But I just cannot remember what was the dream about
Which is sooo frustrating
Not because its a big deal
But because it makes me feel like I have amnesia
I don't like that kind of feeling

Reached home and watched Channel U because Lu Chen is doing the magic show~
As usual his comments always crack me up lol
And he performed this magic trick which is so simple yet the effect is sooo amazing
And yes Lu Chen I know you can read English
And if by any chance by some weird twist of fate
You actually am reading this entry

I just want to tell you that I miss you
I really really do
Life sucks on Tuesday nights when you're no longer on Da Mo Jing
I know you are busy with your magic tour performance,
And like Koichi he is busy with his live tour too~
But unlike him,
I am totally unable to even get any updates on your shows,
And even if I can I dont know why I just don't feel so involved..
I am really happy that you updated your blog during my birthday~
But still, I really miss you
Hope you will come back soon~
I felt so nostalgic when I watched you in the old Da Mo Jing
And somehow, being the selfish me,
I want those days to be back again..

This is the trick that I saw him perform just now,
Enjoy =)

PS: Sorry for those who don't understand chinese but I think you can roughly understand the sequence of the trick without understanding it yea?
Magic is somehow a universal language =DD

And finally,
A last picture to keep me going on with my hectic life


This is just cute beyond words~~
Ahhh zutto soba ni issasete ne~ ^^

You know I need you by the pale moonlight...

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