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KinKi YOU DVD no.1 on the Oricon Charts!!~


As YOU can see,
Upon the 2nd day of release of KinKi YOU DVD,
KinKi Kids debuted no. 1 on the oricon charts!!! =DDD

Funny story because ystd Eliza told me that KinKi YOU DVD is no. 2 on the charts, and DBSK is no. 1 T_____________T
At that point of time I was really like
"OMG screw you DBSK screw YOU!!" =X
Korean fans don't hit me
Then wanting to console myself,
I told Eliza
"Don't worry la, they count the Limited Edition only ma, if they add in the sales of the Regular Edition sure win already!!" =X

Hahaha and funny because today,
They are no. 1 on the charts!!!
And it's just the Limited Edition sales too!!
OMG man KinKi Kids you really deserve the no. 1!! ^^
Muhahaha and I was so high I just kept telling Eliza and Emily that DBSK can go and die LOLOLOL
Dakara Korean fans don't hit me T___T

Hahaha and yupp that is the end of my entry~
Sorry la~
Very tired and tomorrow got school in the morning,
Project meeting after class,
And off to Orchard because
My HEY! Minna Genki Kai? single reached HMV already!!
And I will be meeting my dear Yiting to get my KinKi YOU DVD!!
I hope she can get it from the post office tmr T___T
And KinKi Kids are featured on this week's Only Star too~
Ahhh my money T____T

And to top it off,
I ordered KinKi YOU concert pamphlet!
It just doesnt feel right that I have the DVD and don't have the pamphlet and the clear file also *slaps myself*
But yeaa you get what I mean..
So from this entry,
I wanna make a serious announcement..
That will be..

Yuanshan AKA Sarah Lee shall officially STOP BUYING MAGAZINES!!!
Yes you heard me right I am stopping the buying of magazines!!
Especially TV LIFE
I am going to stop buying the smallest article that KinKi might appear in,
Unless they are on cover,
Or I am confident that they will at least have 2 pages..
If not so sorry there will be NO MORE scans from those magazines

Because what is more important is my trip to Japan to catch Endless SHOCK before Koichi really stops it for GOOD
So I am racing against time!!!
I am still buying DVDs and CDs though,
But whatever, for albums I have almost completed the set already, except for G album Limited and iD Album Limited (which I can get from HMV at a reasonable price) and for Koichi's Mirror Album Limited that will have to waaaaaaait =)
So after I finish my albums I will finally get my Endless SHOCK DVD Limited Edition and I will STOP!!!

And occasionally shop for any singles if they are on a great bargain =)
Oh ya for Wink Ups Duet and Potato I also will only buy them if I think the scans are nice, or there is Pin Ups or Hard Pin Ups..
Also have to settle my debts 1st ARGH ARGH ARGH~~
Ok I am ending my entry here~


OMG I wonder if this is how he looks like when he uses the computer at home LOLOL
Confirm not HAHAHA!!
Confirm have ugly ossan hair and no make up and wearing a bathrobe/naked HAHAHA!!!

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