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What a day~~

Today woke up superrr early because I was supposed to help Adrian print our report,
But when he woke me up that time it was already 7am, and he's still not done with the report yet!
So I woke up and he asked me to help him write a summary, and edit our friend's report, so that we can finally submit our group assignment..

And believe me, all of the above sounded easy right
It was NOT
It wasn't until 10am that I finally am done with my work,
And around 1030am Adrian sent me the file to print,
After printing I had to rush off to school and hand in the work,
Leave the school by 12 so that I am able to make it to work on time

So rush right!!
But well, that's life hahaha
Work was quite boring~~
It was raining so there wasn't much customers haha
On the bright side, we get to close shop earlier since there were no more customers hehe

Went to meet Yiting to get my Ame no Melody single!! =D
I was sooo happy but when I was at Outram Park,
I received an sms from Adrian, saying we need to redo someone's report for accounting
And YES I suck at accounting
So it was really panicking for me ok!

Hontou ni zurui wa!!
Dekireba omae wa ZETTAI KOROSU!!!!
Grrrrr still am so pissed LOL

I met Yiting, took the single, ate dinner and CABBED HOME
COSTED ME $10.40!!!!

Money just kept flowing out of my pocket ahh seriously lol
Well finally reached home and started on my accounting work..
And have I ever told you that KinKi fans are nice people??
Yes I did?

I'm gonna say it again!
KinKi fans are NICE PEOPLE!!!
I was stuck at accounting and I went to ask Eliza how to do it,
And she said that she will ask Meiyan since Meiyan does accounting,
So yeaa Eliza explained it to me,
Since I already added Meiyan in msn, I went to consult her myself,
And she helped me so much ok!!

She explained it to me, (I know I very stupid la sorry)
After that seeing that I still don't really understand,
She scanned her notes for me!!!
So nice right!!!!! T____T
I am really soooo touched T___T
So yes finally I managed to finish my part of the work that I'm supposed to do
After I'm done with my report we fangirled about Koichi hehehe
Which was surprising since she's more of a Tsuyo fan hehe
But muhahahaha KinKi means KinKi LOLOL

Oh yeaa something that I want to remember by,
Koichi's group in crunchyroll used another one of my picture and put it as picture of the month AGAIN!!!
OMG la!! I am sooo freaking honoured!
And this time my blog is being 'advertised' too~ LOLOL
This really makes me sooo happy,
And somehow makes me feel that all these scanning is worth it!!

I know I havent been scanning a lot nowadays~
But trust me I have A LOT of things to scan!!!
Just that I'm sooooo busy now argh
I guess I'll try to make some time during the weekend or even next week haha

Ok this entry is too long and there's no pictures or words again
I am so sorry~~
I have other stuffs to do before a grab a little sleep so
I'll see you soon~~~

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