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Yay!! I'm free!!!!

For now~~~~~

It sounds so sad right~
But I'm actually quite happy
Because today we submitted our last assignment,
Which means that I no longer have to chiong my assignments anymore!!
No more reports to write~
No more researching to do~~
All that awaits is.......................EXAM~


Ok la that I will worry about it later~ haha
So today we had another assignment,
We have to do a role play on customer service,
And we have to act out the bad example and the good example,
This will occupy 10% of our final grades
Initially I didn't really think much of this assignment,
Because I am comfortable with standing on the stage and speaking,

However, when the 4th group performed,
The lecturer totally just told them off,
Saying it's a very lousy performance, and that he has never seen a more disorganized performance...
When I heard that I was like "Oh no!!! What if he says the same thing about us?!??!"
I in the 6th group by the way~
So yeaa when the 5th group performed,
The lecturer totally loved their performance~
And this made me feel even worse T___T

Because if the lecturer loved their performance,
We are directly after them, and argh!
What if we are not up to standard!! T___T
So finally its our turn and we went to perform..
I really thought that I messed up,
Because he kept saying 'mike please' meaning he can't hear my voice T___T
So I forced myself to speak out loud
And wooo I managed to finish the whole thing without really messing up

So it's time to hear his comments about the show,
What he said was really shocking~
He said that he loved our performance!!!
He said that everything was well done, we showed what he wanted to see,
And he even said and I quote "And yes~ You are getting high marks"
Ok la it's only 10% but still~~~

After that went to work~~
Today at work there's a new face that I havent seen before
Initially I thought that he's new so I didnt really talk to him
Because I am sooo tired!
I have been sleeping sooo little
And it sucks that during the time when I'm finally supposed to sleep/get to go and sleep
I feel so energetic
Seriously my body hates me I tell you LOL

So yeaa finally I couldnt take it and I asked him
How long have you been working here?
And he said 2 years HAHAHA omgomg
Then I just said that I havent seen him before lololol at all~ HAHA
And he just said that it's because he's from another shop~
Today he's just here to relieve my sick colleague
So yeaa after that I didnt talk to him already because I just couldnt be bothered LOL

So I just tried my best to make time pass faster~
By folding clothes etc~
And I need to say it here~ So that in the future when I read back I will remember this~
It's soooo perfect that I was so shocked!!
It's so nice!
After I saw his pile I tried to fold it into that state,
But failed terribly~

In a fit of anger~
I took all the clothes and started folding and folding and folding~ LOLOL
Because I cannot take the fact that a guy like him can fold until so nice~
While I took such great care in folding the clothes and yes it's neat but it's not perfect!!
So for the rest of the 2 hours until my break I was folding clothes all the way HAHAHA
And when that guy finished his break and asked me to take my break,
He was like 'omg you're still folding?!?!'
I don't even know how to reply to that
All I said was "yeaaa"

And he asked me where am I studying at~ and I said SIM~
And he gave a really shocked face~
I was like 'Errr what's with that face?'
And he said 'ohh no la~~ SIM ma~ like waaaa' LOL
Then I asked where he studying and he's from NYP
Soon after we both realized that we're of the same age HAHAHA!!
What the hell!!
I totally thought that he was older than me la!!
Not that he looks old but yeaa I just felt that he was older than me LOL

So I went to take my break and yeaaa
After that 'ice breaking' thing~
When I came out from my break we sort of chatted more~
And he asked me what was my Chinese name
And I just told him "Yuanshan~ but dont call me that~ only my closer friends call me that~ the rest just know me as Sarah~"
Afterwards we went to do our own stuffs already~

And suddenly out of nowhere~
A voice said "Yuanshan!"
Being called that name for soooo many years my natural reaction was to respond of course
So I went "Huh? Yes?"
And at that split second I realized "Ehh~ Why will anyone call me that here?!?!"
And I looked up and it was him ~.~
He then just laughed and walked away
"I said don't call me that!!!" Thats what I said immediately~
Nandayo sore!! >=(

Apparently he doesnt care and he "Yuanshan-ed" me for afew more times~
But yeaaa before his shift ended he called me one last time and said that he had to go~ lol
So yeaaa~ hahaha
Well it has been fun interacting with him~
And he did help to make time pass faster~
A lot faster~~
So for that~~
Arigato~~~ ^^

And just on another side note~
I am getting worried because my lousy impression of guys
Is increasing since the break up and it's not dropping at all!!
(Kochan doesnt count!!)
And yeaa I wonder how long more will this continue~
If this goes on I guess I will end up being a lonely old cat lady~ (I dont like cats nooo~~~)
And continue to fangirl Koichi and going to his concerts ALL ALONE!!

Ok with that I wanna share my Ame no Melody single muhahahaha
Ordered this together with Yiting's single~
And I still remember whining about how late her single will be released
And how long I will have to wait until I get to collect my single~
And it's here already!!! HAHAAHA
Time really flies~~~~ Like a freaking butterfly~~
Ok lame~~~

Alright hehe in this single we get to see..
The not so young but not too old KinKi hehehee


The cover~~
I love this cover!!!


Hahaha Tsuyoshi looks good hor!!!!
The Tsuyo that I fell in love with hehehe
And Koichi looks cute la!!
Why why why didn't I see him last time!!!


And this has got to be the cutest picture ever!!!
Kochan trying to tie his shoelaces~
And Tsuyo looking over
Must be thinking "Are?? You can't even do such a simple thing? Oo"

Ok la enough of blogging already~
I need to sleep!!
Tomorrow I need to reach Vivo by 8am!!
I really need sleep man
And Sunday I need to work morning shift again

I realized that when I sleep very little
I get pissed off easily
And I really mean SUPER EASILY
It sucks~
A lot of thoughts will just run through my mind~
And I will imagine things to be in the worst situation
And ahhh I am totally so gloomy!
I really need my sleep

I was so tired that I fell asleep in the bus
Because I am getting off at the last stop so I have like 45mins of sleep
Apparently KinKi was too soothing~
I slept so deep that I totally didnt realized that the journey ended already
The bus driver had to go to the upper deck to wake me up
So embarrassing!! T_____T

Ok I'm going off
I hope tomorrow I can update more pictures again~
I hope hope hope!!

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