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Endless SHOCK fever~~

Oh my I just cannot stop thinking about Endless SHOCK
I think Yiting is also dying of my constant talks about wanting to go SHOCK LOLOL
I cant help but feel a little happy when my wmp was playing Love and Loneliness and my 6 year old baby sis knew how to hum the tune!!!
It was amazing I tell you!!
I betcha if I brought her to SHOCK she will enjoy it more than I do!!
Especially since she even enjoys the Broadway songs and dances and acts LOLOL

Ahhhh well the point of this entry is to show a picture from this website Muku showed me when I asked him about SHOCK tickets hahaha


That's the picture of the poster on SHOCK's website~
And yeaaa it looks nice, but this is even nicer~~
And oh yea, life would be much much easier if I can actually get those SHOCK tickets at 12000yen each!! T_______T
I really really hope I can T_____T


Ok la it's just a part of that poster~
But ever since I got to know about Endless SHOCK I totally fell in love with this logo, and I have been trying to find a big enough picture so that I can see this logo clearly,
So that perhaps one day I might be able to draw out that logo inside my sketchbook =X
Yes I have a sketchbook since a looong time ago but it's still EMPTY!!

And wow as I am typing this my media player was playing Endless SHOCK's music =XX
Hehehehe I love small coincidences like this ^^

Ok off to study~
Cant wait to start working again and earn more money T____T

UPDATE: Stupid accounting.. YOU! DIE!

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