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End of 2009~

I found out that I had a total of 216 posts HAHAHAHA
I started this blog on 7th Feb 2009, and by 31st December 2009 I accumulated up to 216 posts
On some days I blogged more than once,
And on some days I never blogged for days~
The readers of my blog kept changing,
From my real life friends, slowly changing to KinKi fans
This blog too, for people like Yiting who read from the start,
Will see how my blog has transformed from a Lu Chen fangirl into a Koichi fangirl
But hey you know what?
I still love Lu Chen!

But he has soooo few updates that I can know of that it's really hard to fangirl and talk about him
And before I knew it, my blog had attracted many many KinKi fans~
And never will I ever think that I would make so many great friends through this little blog of mine
Yes Eliza me is talking about you! ^^
And also Chiaki, who found my blog too~ ^^
If I'm not wrong the person who brought Eliza to my blog is Celine right??
Even though I never talked to you before,
And I am not sure if you still continues to read my blog,
I just want to say thanks for coming, and for bringing Eliza into my life ^^

And to Yiting, who has been following my blog right from the very start,
Before I even got to know any KinKi fans, I can say for sure you are the only person that ever reads my blog so regularly,
That everytime when I updated something in my blog,
And I will talk to you one day later and "Eh Yiting omg you know hor~ blah blah blah"
And you never fail to reply "Ya I know, I read your blog already~"
What a nice friend I have!!

And Meiyan is a new reader of my blog too!!
And slowly my lifejournal friends like Vanilla, Gally, Rurun and Hika started visiting my blog too,
I am really very very happy each time I see little comments left by you guys~
I may not reply to them cus sometimes I really am too tired,
But T______T Arigatou~~ T__________T

With that when 2010 comes,
I hope that this blog will not die,
And I hope that there will still be new fans coming in to read it,
And also that I will have more Koichi and KinKi here!!!! =DD
SHOCK next year!!! Solo album next year!!!
Soshite I will be looking forward to celebrating their 13th year together!! ^^

Ok with that another pile of random stuffs...

I was looking through yahoo auctions,
Wanting to search for SHOCK tickets, but KinKi Kids page appeared
And I saw this


Ok you guys wouldnt know why I had that reaction
1st of all I realized that this is actually a concert good, a concert poster,
And guess what?
YES ELIZA/YITING/EMILY/MEIYAN whoever I told this story to (I can't remember sorry! =X)

Back when I was still a young KinKi fan,
I went to Malaysia with my parents and the moment I saw this poster,
I fell in love with it and no matter what other poster I took I AM NOT INTERESTED AT ALL!!
I only want that poster!!!

So I bought it home and pasted it on my room cupboard
I lived at another place at that time then..
I loved that poster sooo much that every single day I would look at it
And even when I was 13, and my fangirl mode had slowly died off,
And all the other posters in my room came down
That poster never once budged from where it was supposed to be
That's because I really loved it soooooo much!!
I can't even bear to spoil the poster by trying to force take it down T___T

When I was 17 I had to move to a new place
And I packed everything but haii
The poster was too old, and I couldnt take it down so I had no choice but to leave it there
I couldnt remember whether I took it down from my cupboard or not,
If I'm not wrong, I left it there..

And seeing this poster now really makes me want to go back to my old house and see if I can still save that poster T_____T
It was there with me for soooo long..
When we moved out the whole place was deserted and it was supposed to be demolished and no one is supposed to move it
So no one is living at my old apartment too..
And this really makes me want to call my dad and ask him to bring me back
And save my poster T_____T


And I went to since1997's blog and saw this!!


My gosh T_______T


This really looks amazing~~
Uwaaa I want to attend a live!!! T____T


The concert is soooo pretty!!!
I wonder what song this is for~~


And wow~~~ Kochan just looks soo amazing when he sings with his life =X

Yupp I'm ending this entry with one last thing..


Endless SHOCK ticket!!!! T___________T
I have about 600+ now away from my bank account
This is to prevent me from spending on auctions!!
Yay me is cutting myself out!! ^^
Kochan wait for me!!! ^^

And with that, Happy New Year!!! ^^
(Don't worry Kochan I'll wish you on the 1st hehehhe)

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