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I love them! =D

Hahaha had work yesterday~
And after finishing my job at the cruise I went back to Merlion to close shop haha
Before that I bought Songs of the Sea ticket for Jiayan and Yikai
Haha Jiayan is my cousin and Yikai is her boyfriend lol
It's been a reaaal long time since I last saw them haha
And seeing them once again is really nice~
Yikai is botak (no hair) now because of army,
But he's still a joker like always LOLOL

When Merlion shop closes that time, it was already like 830?
I was thinking Jiayan and Yikai probably already went home
But suddenly I saw two silhouette walking towards the Merlion shop,
I was soo happy to see them again that I hurried out of the shop,
And then the both of them started RUNNING AWAY FROM ME!!!
So stupid~! HAHAHA I chased and then I gave up and they came back ~.~
After that we went Vivo and hung out together before going home haha
It's been a real loong time that I last saw them,
And its really nice talking to them again,
And it feels nice to know that they came back for me too~ =X

Today I had Merlion shop meeting haha
As usual shop meeting was fun and enjoyable~
With a boss like what who wouldnt want to work there???
And with nice colleagues who wouldnt want to work there???
I love Merlion!! =DD

After that while waiting for my Japanese class,
I hung out with the guys at Vivo
And Wilson was so stupid he kept saying at every shop that if we want to buy something just show our staff pass and get 25% discount ~.~ HAHAHA!!!
Went Challenger and I saw this speaker that is soooooo black!!
Sooooo nice!! Sound quality sooo good!!
The bass is soooo strong!! And the voice is dammm clear!!!
And its only selling at $65!!!!
How cheap is that?!?!?!

I really really want to get it but I am still contemplating~~
Ahhhhhhh T____T
But it would be really nice if I can hear my KinKi songs through those amazing speakers~ T_____T

After that had Japanese lesson and then I MET EMILY!! =DDD
Oh ya congrats to Yiting who got her internet back =DD HAHAHA
So yeaa I met Emily and Ion Orchard, and while I was inside the Epicenter,
Emily came in and she couldnt find me
So I called her and asked her to walk in
So apparently she walked in and she still couldnt see me
But I already saw her so I said
"Emily, turn right!!" (And she turned left) HAHAHAHA!
Damm cute sia she omg lolol!!

So we went to my house and then we started wrapping my Natsu Moyou poster!
Haha I got to say Emily is really good and stuffs like this!
I so can't wait to receive my J Album poster and my J Con poster
Then yay me can ask Emily to come my house again =X HAHAHAHAAHA

After that we ordered KFC delivery and ate dinner
And we watched the 1st 2 episodes of Rookie together hehehe
Koichi is totally super baka and so cute la!!
And we kept laughing at his hair HAHA!!
Cus it looked sooooo big and fake =X HAHAHAHAA
My my Koichi Koichi~~ hahaha
My utmost favorite baka in the world =DDD

After that we watched a few random KinKi videos and then she went home =D
Haha before she left she gave me this envelope and then said that I am not to open it until a few days later T____T
So the letter is sitting there unopened and argh!!
Ganman Ganman!! =X (Stay strong) =X

Hahaha but anyways, me love Emily a lot!!!
Too bad Meiyan can't join us today T___T
But I will be meeting her on Christmas eve =DD
By then it will be another great outing I hope =X
Isn't it nice that there are people around who always can make your day by doing just the simplest things? =D

And yes eating is still a pain
To be honest, I didn't enjoy the KFC at all~
It was soo oily and much to spicy, (my stomach felt weird even though I didn't think that it was hot at all)
And I got full and I just didn't feel like eating
LOL this Koichi Philosophy thing is working~ hahahaha
Gambatte!! =D
Eat lesser!! ^^

Alright going off now

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