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Hey hey hey!!!
It's the 25th of December,
Which means it's CHRISTMAS!!!

But sad to say this year I really don't feel much of the Christmas feeling at all na~~~ T___T
Kind of sad..
It was a really quiet Christmas~
This year none of my friends came over to stay overnight,
And none of my sister's friends came too~
Probably because I didn't call them over??
I sort of guessed that they would have plans, and wouldn't want to be stuck in a situation where I want them to come and stay and get them all confused whether they should or not..

So for Christmas eve this year,
The main thing was to get cookies actually.
And afterwards we went to watch Endless SHOCK hehehe
Act 1 and parts of Act 2
Before they came Meiyan told me they just left Bugis so when they reached Jurong East I asked them to msg me, so that I can go down
So when I went to fetch them I was like "Ehh? What were you guys doing at Bugis?"
Since one of them live at Pasir Ris and the other at Marine Parade LOL
Then they just said that it's their central meeting point~
Since Meiyan is a bus person and takes a bus to Bugis,
While Eliz will just take a train to Bugis
So I just 'Ooooo I see I see'

After finishing Act 1, my mum had to clean up the living room so we went to my room and chill hehehe
And I started digging out all my KinKi pamphlets and showed Meiyan HAHA!!
Thanks to Emily that I got those pamphlets na!!! =X
Hahaha and as usual Eliza got crazy about my DK cap and started wearing and camwhoring (I assume) HAHAHAHAHA
So after that we continued with the nice parts of Act 2 and then they had to leave~ T____T
Then before leaving they passed me a card and said
"For you..this is why we were at bugis"

My gosh really thanks soooooo much!!! T____T
The card was really really cute too!!

Yes girl like what you said, I am really really glad that you chose to email me on that very day,
While I was rushing through my assignment in SIM! T___T
Did you know that when I saw your email I was like "Huh? Who is Eliza Lim?"
But when I read the email I was sooo happy!!!
And that really gave me strength to survive my whole assignment~
(I was rushing it alone in school during that time too and it was already night time~)
And ever since then we got closer and we fangirl we work together we meet in school together everything was just great!!
I really love you a lot and I hope that we can always stay like this!!
Oh I cant wait for you to start work at Sentosa too~~ hahaha
*hugs* ^^

Hahaha girl!!!!! I'm really soo soo glad that Eliza decided to introduce us!!!
Never would I have thought that this girl can be such a great information provider and can fangirl with me!! HAHHAHAHA
I totally love you for showing me sooo many stuffs, and make each of my day much more bearable every night I come home from work~~
And me loves you too!!! hahaha
For so so so many many different reasons!!
Whether issit KinKi related or even as a friend,
I love you!!!
And like what you said, even though we just know each other for a short while it feels like a looong time isn't it?? Hahaha
And I feel like I just want to chat with you everyday too~
Even if it's for no reason ~.~ HAHAHAHAHA
Cus somehow we'll just find something to talk about! =DD

Ok first of all, I don't know who wrote that message,
I'm guessing it's Eliza cus of the handwriting HAHAHA!!!
This is what "Koichi" wrote for me:
サーラちゃん: (Sarah chan)
メリークリスマス。(Merry Christmas)
いつも応援 (For always supporting me)
心から感謝しています (I really thank you from the bottom of my heart)
これからもよろしくお願いします!! (From now on too yoroshikuonegaishimasu)

That was really really cute ok!! LOLOL
Even though it's not the real Koichi but it was still shiok to see that in my card hehehe
Thanks so much!!! T____T

Hey hey!! Thanks for wishing me Merry Christmas at midnight
You know what?? You were the 1st person to wish me!!
I was alone in my room using the computer, not chatting with anyone,
Watching Summer Snow and you were the 1st to wish me Merry Christmas and remind me that it was already 12 midnight!!
Once again thanks so much for that lovely card you gave me!!!
With my favorite DK logos all over =X
And ahhh you had a present for me in making!! T____T
That's sooo sweet!!!!
Isn't it nice that now everytime I look at my Natsu Moyou poster in my room I get reminded of you?? Hahahaha
Seriously I am really glad that I decided to buy your pamphlets!!
Because initially I had no intention of buying it at all cus I thought it was expensive (cus I didn't know what a Pamphlet REALLY was) and BambooBranch sort of convinced me to get it!!
Thanks BambooBranch too!! =X
And yeaa from then on we have been meeting occasionally and fangirl and you always made me feel soooo much better when I feel guilty about spending money =X
Hahaha!! From now on I hope that I can meet up with you more when we're in school too!
Even though your school is beside my school~
I do hope we won't be too busy na~~~ hehe
And I will pull you over to wrap my J Album poster soon!!
And Ooops I think I bought another poster =X
I will show it to you after it's confirmed that I have it!! Hehehe
Love you!!!! *hugs* ^^

I am soooo glad to see your message yesterday!!!
You totally don't have to apologise for not replying!!
And so sorry I didn't reply immediately cus I was having such a terrible flu T____T
All I was sane enough to do was to watch Summer Snow on my television~ lol
Seeing your mail on Christmas eve was one of the best presents ever!!!
I miss you soo much!!
And I hope you're feeling better already!!
I'm glad you'll be having holidays soon ehh~~~
Do enjoy!!!
Me loves you!!!! T____T
*hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs*

Ran chan:
Hey hey hey!! =DDD
I only know you for a short while and I'm really glad that you chose to reply to my post about Endless SHOCK!! Hahahaha
Finally a Koichi fan that I can fangirl with!! =X
Hahahaha please take care of yourself ok??
And I really cannot wait to see you in Japan next year!!!
For that purpose I will work soooo very hard and ahhhh!!
See you and Kochan together!!! ^^

Hey hey girl~~ thanks for wishing me Merry Christmas too,
Even though I'm not sure whether you actually celebrate it hahaha
But well thanks so much for being such a loyal reader of my blog and also for fangirling with me hehehe
From now on too yoroshiku ne!! =DD

Next up will be New Year ehhh~
Which is 1st of Jan which will also be KOCHAN'S BIRTHDAY!!!
Hahahaa I want to fangirl a lot a lot more in this post but I'm too lazy =X
So yeaaaa

PS: Yiting~ I'm glad you love that pamphlet before you even got it!! HAHAHA
And well I just want to tell you that I love you too!!!
For being sooo supportive even though you're not a fellow fan,
Supporting my crazy purchases at your own expense even though at that point of time I totally didn't have the money to pay you back at all! T___T
And also thanks for bringing me to Bunka if not I wouldnt get to know such a great teacher like Takatsuka sensei
And also for so many other things I thank you!!!!
I'm really glad that somehow I got a really horrible boyfriend because if not I wouldnt even get to know such a great friend like you! T______T
So just because of that I felt like that horrible relationship was all worth it T____T
Thank you girl, I LOVE YOU!!!! *HUGS* ^^

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