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Uchiwa!!! Loooooong post =X

Ok like the title said,
This is going to be a looooong post
Ok la I'm not sure how long it will be~
We shall see =))

First of all~
Rurun's lovely mail!!! =DD
I finally received it!!! ^^
Hahaha and like what she said about her 'son', I will show her pictures of her son in my room LOLOLOL


The lovely letter~ ^^
She drew a Sankaku and a DK logo for me~ =DD


SO CUTE!! She even plastic wrapped it for me!! (or was it laminated? Oo shit I forgot! T__T)
Hehe yes I took it together with my Natsu Moyou poster on the wall hehehe
You can see part of my bed there~
The bed that Eliza was soooo comfortable lying down that she kept rolling around it ~.~ WAHAHAHA


And another beautiful bookmark!!
Yepp together with my Natsu Moyou poster heee


My Natsu Moyou poster!!!!
I took this quite awhile back but I kept procrastinating =X hahaha


How it looks like in my room hahaha
Yeaa looks quite small ehs~ But it's B3 I think? Oo
Well wait till my Mirror and J Album poster come MUHAHAHAHA

And on to yesterday~
Before going to Japanese class, I met up the person who is selling Johnny's Countdown Concert uchiwas (Fan) and of course I bought the KinKi one!! =DD
And when I met her we talked a bit and she told me that she didn't go for the con she just went to buy the goods that's all hahaha
And she said that the queue was sooooooooooo long that the queue was 3/4 around the Tokyo Dome!!!
And she had to queue like 45min-1 hour just to get the goods!!
My gosh now I love Chrissy even more T__________________________________T
And because before the countdown con KinKi Kids had their J con as well so there was another area and another whole queue for the goods!!!
UWAAAAAA hahahaha

So after buying it I realized that I didn't have a bag for the BIIGGG uchiwa!!!!
LOLOLOLOL so I literally had to hold it like a fangirl all the way to my Jap class LOLOL
And when my sensei saw me with the uchiwa he gave that shoganena~~ face LOLOL
Like this girl is a classic fangirl HAHAHA!!

When the lesson went through halfway he said that it's time for a break
So everyone went for break and as usual I just stoned and stare into space
Then sensei slowly walked towards me and took my uchiwa HAHAHA
Initially I placed the uchiwa with KinKi facing down, so that I won't get distracted by their awesome faces hahaha
Then sensei took it and started staring at their faces HAHAHA!!
Then he asked me if I bought it from Japan
Then I say of course not, haha someone went Japan to buy it and I went to buy it from her just now before coming to class~
Then my friend was like "sensei, takai desu yo" (sensei, it's expensive)
So sensei asked me how much as it
And I replied $25 HAHAHA

Sensei immediately gave a very shocked face and then he started looking at the fan again LOL
Then I said that it's very kirei (pretty) and it's very glossy also, I didn't expect the quality to be sooo good!!
Then sensei started fanning himself with the fan HAHAHAHA!!!
Then everyone laughed and sensei looked at me and said "suzushi ne.." (it's cooling ne..)
HAHAHAHA!!! My sensei so cute la!! LOLOL
I guess he never cease to be amazed at how much I fangirl over KinKi LOLOL

Then he returned me the fan and he put it KinKi face up!!! ^^
Hahaha then he still continued to look at it, and then I pointed at Koichi and said "kakkoii desu yo!!!!" (He's handsome!!)
Then he pointed at Tsuyoshi and asked "Kare wa?" (What about him?)
Then I replied "He's handsome too!! But I hate it when he grow that mustache!!!!So ugly!!!!"
Then my classmate who is a Hey!Say!Jump! fangirl started saying "ya!! ya!! very ugly omg!! he should go shave!!!"
Then both of us started discussing how we wanted to get a shaver and shave off his mustache!! HAHAHAHAHA
And this took place in the afternoon and you know what?
Later that night when I got home, Meiyan told me that during the con report for that day TSUYO SHAVED HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Haha and before Japanese class ended sensei taught us how to sing the Japanese version of "If you're happy and you know it clap your hand"
In Japanese it's "Shiawase nara te wo ta ta kou~"
Then after learning the whole song, sensei went around asking everyone "shiawase nara nani wo shimasuka?" (If you're happy what would you do?)
And everyone just went blur and didn't know what they would want to do hahaha!!
Then when it was my turn I totally was sooo thick skinned and I just went
"Shiawase nara 'KinKi' iyou, KINKI!!!" (If you're happy and you know it say "KinKi", KINKI!!!!)

HAHAHAHA I think I'm really mad LOL and everyone in the class just kept laughing at me ~.~ LOLOL
Even sensei laugh until his whole face red LOLOL
After Japanese class went to eat Mac with Yiting hahaha
Had the curly fries yay~~~
Finally ate it lolol and guess that will be the last time too, since I'm rationing my money BIG TIME

After Yiting returned me 40 bucks I spent 6+ on macs, and when my mum gave me allowance for next week which is 70, as usual I would put 50 aside as savings and use the remaining 20 for my meals and necessities to survive for the week until the next allowance comes,
But this time I realized that with the remaining 30 I had from Yiting, plus the 20 that I have from my allowance, I can make a 50!!!
So I put that 50 away as savings too~ LOLOL (Yes I am mad)
So for the rest of this week I am only left with 2 bucks!!
2 bucks to survive for one week LOLOL

Yuanshan time to think of ways to leech bread at home and drink nothing but plain water!!!!

Train my survivor skills HAHAHA
Maa since this week I will be working like only 2 days? (8 hours of work for the whole week T____T someone kill me please T______T)
I guess I might be able to survive afterall~ hahaha

Ok enough about that now~
Time for pictures of the Uchiwa!!!!!!!!!!


My lovely uchiwa!!!
It's because this is the picture that's why I bought it ok!!
This shot is just tooooooo nice already omg!!!
And they are both naked!!!! *gasp*


When I reached home I took a picture immediately~~ =X
Me with my DK cap again hehe
Me loves it!!


Hai!! KinKi Kids desu!!! =X

And somehow in the night before I started getting my headache I took a picture with them again =X
This shows how much I love this uchiwa!!


Yeaa I changed clothes already ~.~


Hai!! KinKi Kids desu!!! =X
Sorry I just couldn't resist~ =X
Ooo at the corner you can see Koichi's magazine page on my cupboard and the 39 album =X


I scanned the uchiwa in!! =D
Kirei desho??? ^^

And of course I changed my wallpaper again~ T_____T
I didn't want to change I just tried to see if it looks nice~
And it does!! And I can't bear to change it back T___T


SO NICE RIGHT!!!! T__________________________T
The colors are my fav theme also! T____T

And just to show off abit =X
Since I found it in my phone HAHAHA


=X Ok la you guys probably dunno what this is haha
This picture is actually me holding a pack of poker cards and then opening the whole deck using just one hand =D
Kirei desho!!! Hahaha
I went to learn this when I was crazy over Lu Chen!! Haha
And spent nights and nights and nights training just to obtain this result (As seen in the picture)
My left hand still dame desu T_____T
I wonder if Koichi can do that na~~ since he's quite good at card tricks also *winks* HAHAHA

Ok on to today!! =D
Today had work hahaha
But because last night I had such a terrible headache I actually went to bed at 10pm lolol!!!
So this morning I managed to wake up at 7am and leave for work =D
When I reached Merlion my boss suddenly say that at 1230 I have to be at Palawan Beach to relieve~ and I will stay there until I knock off~
Nooooooo~~~~ T_______________________________T
To think I was soo looking forward to working in Merlion today~ T____T
Haii but no choice ma~~
But I still didn't think too badly for it because somehow I just felt that there must be a reason why I am going there~
So I went with an open heart =D

And true enough~
I didn't hate it there at all!!
It was soo nice the people are soo nice~
And the place is sooo relaxing
And since it's a beach area it makes you feel so 'ahhhh~~~'

After that I was asked to go Hut7 to relieve for 1 hour because the person had to go lunch and no one else was left in the shop
And when I went Hut7, uwaaaaaa

This was what was in front of me:




The island at the other side was chooo pretty~
But my lousy phone couldn't capture it at all~~ T____T


The left side~~
Another kirei island~ hahahaha


(I want to go to the sea...anyone??)

Hahahaha at the back of the shop~


Maaa so relaxing na~~~ hahaha

Well that pretty much sums up my day~ =X
Went to meet parents for dinner and then here I am!! =DD
School and work tomorrow~ Iyaaaa T_____T
Well 8 hours of work next week ~.~
So pathetic man~ T_____T
More money come to me please!!!! T_______________T

And oh another last sidenote before I leave,
I promised Vanilla I would show her my Malaysia steals
So here it is!! =D


Sushi Ouji movie and drama, Rookie, Jyu Oh Sei (Voiced by Koichi) 33pun Tantei special, Kindaichi 7 mysteries of School and Summer Snow!!! (Basket stupid drama make me cry so much LOLOLOL)

Alright signing off~~ =D

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