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And~ I become a girl once again~

Well, as some of you may know,
My hair has grown longer and longer and I haven't cut my hair in like ages,
So it's like at a length where I can actually tie it up
I keep trying to escape from reality by not tying up my hair
But well tonight somehow I felt that I should tie it up and
Boom, I am back to be a girl again T____T

Maa I probably won't be cutting anymore Koichi hairstyles
Mainly because I want to let my hair grow long so that I will actually not look like Koichi when I watch SHOCK in July
And growing hair takes time,
So well might as well start now
I'm sure my JC clique will be like damm happy if they are reading this LOL
Because the last time I saw them,
All of them were like
"Keep it long!! Don't cut it anymore!! Let it grow!!"

Which is exactly the reason why I am so afraid of going to saloons now
Because everytime when I want to go,
I will inevitably start to rummage for a Koichi hairstyle that I think I might want to have,
And BOOM! My hair is short again =X LOL
Somehow I am just so tempted to say "Cut more! Cut more!!" and "Make it shorter!" whenever I am at a saloon =X
So yeaa but I really need to well, cut my fringe HAHAHA

So well, I did a little camwhoring and just felt like posting it here
So you guys can start leaving now HAHAHAHA
Because it's major picspam portraying my narcissism. =X
Yes Yuanshan loves Mirror and Cameras HAHAHA

Oh btw I think I need to stop calling myself Yuanshan since most of the people here reading my entries know me by Sarah~ LOL
And I kinda get freaked out when people whom I don't really know start calling me Yuanshan and pronounce it in such a weird and disgusting accent,
Which made me meccha kimochi warui! HAHA
But ahhh~~ when someone pronounces it correctly and calls me that it still gives me a little doki doki feeling na~~ For eg. the fold clothes guy =X
Too bad no one around me ever calls me that anymore HAHHA
Cept for Yiting, but she seldom calls me by my name too HAHAHAHA T_____T

Alright picspams!

Let's start with a little innocent smile =X


Hahaha yesss~~ LOLOL I have super long fringe,
And my hair is no longer nicely highlighted T____T
It's just this boring shade of brown =(


It's been long since I actually tried taking a photo like that so =X


Yeaa this is the aho look I always have whenever I look at my wall with Koichi staring back at me XD


And I just can't take my eyes off that wall =X LOL


If you ever want to know how much sleep I actually get,
Just look right into my eyes and see what's the color LOLOL
My gosh I didn't even know my eye pupils are no longer white T____T


HAHAHA I love this look!! LOL
Don't ask me why but everytime I take photographs alone,
I like to give this look LOL
It's like this "Ahhh, I can't be bothered, I'm tired" look LOLOL love it! =X


And I started ignoring myself LOL


Yay~~ I tried to imitate the super cute Koichi peace sign aho smile
But obviously I failed LOL


Yea I got so sick of camwhoring and I just started flaring up and gave this stupid face LOL
Somehow I love this face too HAHAHAHAH!!
I know it looks super ugly but well =X I am ugly HAHAHA


Finally one last yasashii smile at the camera before I shut it off LOL
I am actually trying to imitate the Best Stage March Koichi cover,
By tilting my head at the side and let my hair fly with the wind
But too bad, no wind in my room =X LOLOLOL

And thats all! HAHAHA
Yea I know I look super fat in a tank top
But meh~ It's hot here!!!!!!!
And it's late at night I can't be bothered to dress up HAHAHAHA

Alright time to sleep~~
Most probably I will be rushing down to Kino and get my Songs April tomorrow,
But it will only arrive after 8pm!!!
I hope that I will be able to reach home by 9 to catch unlucky lab on keyhole tv haha
I want to see Koichi!
And I must make sure I remember to tune in to Donnamonya too!!
It's always nice to be able to hear Koichi's voice in the middle of the night =X LOL

Alright tomorrow morning shift
Hope I wake up!
Hahaha Oyasumi!!!! ^^

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