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My lullaby, Eien no Hibi~

Well this is just something that I realized recently
Because as you guys know,
A lot of stuffs has been happening for these past few months
And sometimes, or most of the times
I always cant seem to fall asleep
Only like until a month ago,
That I am able to sleep like a child
Only am I able to fall asleep peacefully,
Without having to worry or think about anything

One of the main things that helped,
Of course is KinKi Kids with their wonderful Domoto Kyoudai,
And Lu Chen with his magic...
But to me I feel that what really helped the most
Is this song called Eien noHibi

This song appeared in KinKi Kids D Album
And its a song where the music and the lyrics are written by Koichi
I have listened to this song since I was 10
And because this song is track 9 of the album
And the songs in front here quite fast paced,
By the time I reached this song I always wanted to fall asleep

Because I was still young,
I thought that this song was boring
That's why I was falling asleep whenever this song was played
But now when I'm back listening to this song,
I felt that I wanted to sleep also LOL
Especially in the night
When I played KinKi Kids songs through my phone
Whenever this song is being played
I will immediately start to fall asleep

Not because this song is boring,
But because this song just gives a very peaceful feel
And now that I understand the lyrics of the song
It just felt even more peaceful
Makes me feel safe

Not just me
Even my sister, the one studying in poly now
Told me that during our Malaysia trip
Everytime when this song is being played
She will feel that she can just fall asleep also
Then I asked her "Why? Cus boring issit?"
And she said "No la~ Because this song is just so peaceful"

Haha~ I'm glad that I'm not the only person who feels that way lol
Alright so today I am going to share this song with you
Whoever is reading it, if you do take the time to listen to this song
I wonder if you will feel the same way as me~

I have translated the lyrics,
So that if anyone is listening to the song,
You can listen and understand what the song is about =))

Eien no Hibi
Music and Lyrics by Domoto Koichi

Kimi ga sabishii yoru wa
On your lonely nights
Nagashita namida o fuitte goran
Wipe away those tears that you've cried
Mitsumeau hitomi no naka ni
I can see it in your eyes
Kore kara no bokura o kizamu kara
The us of the future is engraved inside

Chikazukeya shinai mou nido to
It will never come near us again
Kanashimi mo kodoku sae mo zutto
The sadness and loneliness, never
Mayou koto nante nai sa
Dont hesitate anymore, come
Saa soba ni oide yo
Come to my side

Subete o dakishimetai
I want to embrace everything
Mou kimi no te o hanasazu itsumo
Forever, I will never let go of your hand
Kurikaesu Eien no Hibi
Repeating these days of eternity
Kimi ga iru sou, sore dake de ii
As long as you are here, that is enough

Kimi to sugosu hibi wa
The days that I spent with you
Boku dake ga hitomi ni utsutte iru no kai
Am I the only one that is reflected in your eyes?
Naze darou ne
I wonder why is it that
Konna ni chikaku
Even though we are so close
Iru hazu nano ni setsunakute
Yet this moment still seemed painful

Nandomo dakiai Kiss shitemo
No matter how many times we hugged and kissed
It's not enough
Motto kimi o kanjitai
I want to feel you even more
Kitto ima yori tsuyoku naru
Today it will definitely be stronger
Kono mune no omoi
These feelings in my heart

Shinjite hoshii kono ai o
I want to believe in this love
Donna nayami ya itami datte
No matter how painful or suffering it is
Futari nara wakariaeru
If its the two of us, we will understand
Eien ni, kimi dake o aishiteru kara
Because for eternity, I will only love you

Aishite koto no subarashii sa
The wonderful feeling of loving someone
Sou hitotsuzutsu kanjite ikou
Let's experience it together
Kitto futari wa daijoubu
The two of us will definitely be alright
Kanarazu nanika o tsukamu kara
Because we will definitely have something to hold onto

Subete o dakishimetai
I want to embrace everything
Mou kimi no te o hanasazu itsumo
Forever, I will never let go of this hand
Kurikaesu Eien no Hibi
Repeating these days of eternity
Kimi ga iru sou, sore dake de ii
As long as you are here, that will be enough

Mitsumeau hitomi no naka ni
I can see it in your eyes
Kore kara no bokura o kizamu kara
The us from now on, that is engraved inside

Yupp that is the song
That seemed to be the lullaby that puts me to sleep every night
And no matter what
This song always gave me peace
I guess the lyrics and Koichi's voice helped LOL
Its like as if he's saying
"Daijoubu, come, just fall asleep"

Haha ok I know it sounded ridiculous,
But who cares,
Its such things that get me by everyday life ^^
Alright on another side note,

My LJ friend, Bamboobranch is away on a one week trip
It's only been like 1 day and I miss her already
I guess its also because
Yiting is still in Japan
And the 2 people that I talk to so much in msn
Are all away lol

But maa~
Since I have nothing to do I better get things done
So that when Bamboobranch is back
She will get her subbed kindaichi episode
Which btw I cant believe I finished subbing a 1hr30min show LOL
I feel so accomplished LOL

And Yiting called again today
Glad to see that she's enjoying herself,
And is safe =DD
And she told me that she bought me Songs magazine already~
And she bought 4 KinKi Kids singles for me as well!!
WOOOOO Yiting I know you hear until sian already
But still I must say
One of the singles is Harmony Of December somemore~~
My favourite single with the most beautiful cover ever~

When she gets back there will be soooo much scanning to do =DD
Haha alright I shall stop here ^^
Bamboobranch, Yiting, you are being missed T___T

PS: I went to read though the entry and realised that it was soooo wordy,
So I decided to come back and spam one big beautiful picture heh~~


Weee~~ Isn't he the most charming guy ever~~ LOL
Sorry that I am always living in my own world

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